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Buying a vehicle privately from a friend, family member or a private seller?
We'll facilitate your entire transaction from start to end with the finance houses to ensure you receive the best possible interest rate, term and monthly installment!

We also facilitate a comprehensive vehicle inspection before delivery & ensure everything is fully compliant along the way.

Our agent will be present at delivery to ensure the vehicle is handed to you as presented!

Financing through a dealership

Whether you have visited a dealership for a new, used or demo vehicle, DealFin's Finance & Insurance Managers will facilitate your finance application quickly, compliantly, and always ensuring you receive the best possible structure to your financing in terms of interest rate, monthly installment and we'll provide you with all the value added services you need to feel at ease with your purchase.

We maintain contact with the dealership for you throughout the application to ensure everything is ready when you arrive to take delivery and that you accurately and clearly understand the agreement you are entering.

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